Ski & Snowboard Servicing

With the changing of seasons our winter tech shop is closed for the warmer months. We would like to thank you for a fantastic winter and will be looking forward to seeing you next season.

Here we have Sports Junkies Snowboard expert Matt pointing out indications of when to get your skis and/or snowboard, waxed and sharpened.

Tuning your gear could be more beneficial more often depending on how frequently you hit the slopes. Having the right information will aid in safety and performance when it comes to your experience.

Did you know that waxing your equipment helps you be more in control? Having fresh wax on your base allows you to stay in said control since your ski/board will glide smoothly and in a more predictable manner. Wax also extends the lifespan of your bases by keeping them moisturized; in extreme cases if a base is too dry it may want to pull away from the edge making it more prone to blowing out which could mean having to replace your gear. The sharper edges after tuning also offers more control in the way of being able to hold an edge while you carve.

Check out the video for a visual reference of when and why to maintain your skis/board.

Binding adjustment and testing
Adjustment and functionality test$14.99
Binding installations (includes testing)
New bindings only$29.99
Ski and Snowboard Tune-ups
Kids tune-up (up to 130cm)$19.99
base grind, sharpen edges, de-tune, wax and texture brush
Basic tune-up$29.99
base grind, bevel and sharpen edges, de-tune, wax and texture brush
Basic tune-up w/filling. Price starts from$39.99
filling of gouges, base grind, bevel and sharpen edges, de-tune, wax and texture brush
Hot Wax only
Machine wax$12.99
Hand iron$19.99
Same Day Service Rates
Binding adjustment and testing $24.99
Ski | Snowboard tune-up (drop off by 1pm, pick up by close)$49.99