Bike Service

Get your bike ready for riding with Sports Junkies! We offer great rates and professional service…

We are a full service bike shop, meaning we have the ability to fix any make or model of bike that you bring in. In addition to that, you are going to get top notch service. Our team is highly passionate and experienced in all things bikes. Don’t be afraid to bring your bike in to chat with them about your repair needs, they are always happy to help.

Beyond our excellent service, the rates we offer are unbeatable. You’ll find getting your bike repaired at Sports Junkies is more than fair…

…Check out the list below for some sample rates:

Sample Service Rates – Labour only, parts not included.
Replace inner tube $8.00
Replace brake pads $8.00/pr.
Install chain $8.00
Adjust bottom bracket or headset $8.00
True wheels (depending on condition) $8.00 to $25.00
Adjust derailleur From $8.00
Install cogs $8.00
Install chain ring $12.00 and Up
Derailleur hanger alignment $15.00
Bottom bracket or headset overhaul $25
Hub overhaul $15 to $25
Fork installation (includes brakes) $40
Wheel build (best in town) $40
Box bike for shipping $40
Estimates No Charge
All other repairs By Estimate



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Showing all 3 results